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Features that unlock the potential of your products

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EU Compliance

Customers can quickly scan & view an item’s unique profile page, including material and manufacturing origin, sustainability certifications, and more.

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Engagement tools

Unlock a new media channel with direct-to-item marketing experiences. Connect directly to customers based on the items they own.

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Data & Insights

Collect, manage, and share granular product and consumer business intelligence insights across the full lifecycle of each garment in circularity.

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Brand protection

Proof-of-ownership protects against counterfeiting, ensures licensing terms, and enriches traceability data through resale or recycle.

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Item Circularity

Resell and recycle features unlock item-level traceability and circular data to inform business decisions across the entire value-chain.

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Get started today

Everything you need to get started with Digital IDs.

Customer insights to power your business forward.

Our proprietary admin dashboard is a complete view of your products in and out of circularity, with granular consumer insights to match.

Collaborative supply-chain disclosure tools allow your partners to easily and securely share granular composition data at the batch and lot-level.

Analyze sourcing practices, materials, and supply chain risks to support sustainable, circular, and regenerative inputs.

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Enhance the post-sale experience throughout the lifecycle of a product.

From scan to resale and recycle, trace the full lifecycle of your items - and engage your customers with loyalty and rewards based on the items they own or scan.
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