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Add Engagement Tools and Customizations to enhance your Digital ID platform.

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Step 1 - Standard Plan

Start here to launch Digital IDs with simplified setup and onboarding.

Admin Analytics
Real-time item analytics and consumer reporting dashboard
Modular admin dashboard
Restricted access for vendors to import data
Multiple admin accounts
Setup and onboarding support
Consumer Web App
Consumers can scan & view item details
Integrate data from PLM, PIM, and ERP systems
Generate core digital product profiles on environmentally friendly blockchain
GS1 EPCIS tracking and capture protocol via suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, etc.
Deep API integration capabilities across an entire tech stack

Step 2 - Engagement Tools

Engagement tools and API connections to boost the Standard Plan.

Admin Analytics
Know your end-customer
Dynamic marketing banners
"Buy Item Online" CTA
Offers & incentives at scan
Connect to your end-customer
Resell / Recycle API connect
Loyalty API connect
CRM API connect
Consumer Web App
Create account
Dynamic marketing banners
Offers & incentives
Resale API connect (existing platform provider)
Loyalty / Points API connect (existing platform provider)

Step 3 - Customizations

Optional customizations to meet your requirements.

Per Unit Pricing
Product tagging: per unit pricing
Customization Options
White labeled branding
O&O native app integration
Custom API connect (ePOS, CRM, Auth, & more)
Custom web3-enabled loyalty system
Custom resale marketplace
Custom data aggregation
Third-party verified sustainability certifications
Managed services